Archie Riddle | The Mysterious Journals of Archie Riddle
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Paranormal adventure and mystery with some comedy sprinkled in.


Archie Riddle will be the NEXT Harry Potter!

All 5 books are complete, fully illustrated, and available to be licensed. Secure this series now!

Book 1 - The Dungeons of DogwoodBook 1 Nav
Book 2 - The Cursed Mummy CaseBook 2 Nav
Book 3 - The Graveyard ShiftBook 3 Nav
Book 4 - The Skeleton CrewBook 4 Nav
Book 5 - Escape From Relic IslandBook 5 Nav

Dogwood Seal

Archie Riddle and his family have moved from the United States to the suburbs of England to start a new life. Along the way, Archie has a seemingly minor mishap in the x-ray machine at the airport. While nothing seems wrong with Archie to everyone else, he begins to sense paranormal activity and realizes he has gained a valuable yet troublesome power, one that will no doubt change his life.


One would think acquiring such ability would make him a proper celebrity for sure, but that is hardly the case for Archie.  Instead, his newfound senses and the urges that accompany them become irresistible, landing him in serious trouble at school and with his parents. Labeled a “no-hoper” and troublemaker by his teachers, Archie is expelled from one school after another. His family’s dream of a better life in England fades as they struggle to find the next school for Archie to attend. Finally, Archie thinks he can settle down at Dogwood School, a former medieval castle, but he is about to find out otherwise.

The Mysterious Journals of Archie Riddle:

  • 5 Books ready to be licensed
  • Paranormal adventure set outside of England
  • 14,000+ words and 29 illustrations per book


Exclusive movie rights to this book series are available to be licensed directly from the author.

Please call or email the author now at:
+1 (631) 905-6555

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